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So I'm taking L Theanine as a supplement to mitigate anxiety. I've only been doing it for two or three days so far and I'm not sure if it's working, but since I'm on my period and I didn't burst out in tears at any point this morning I am pretty sure it must be!

This is going on my DW instead of Plurk because it is an Ordeal. A sad, pathetic adventure.

There were no dragons involved. )
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Dear Yuletide Author -

I got to this super late and I apologize, I was totally planning on having this done before assignments went out! Hopefully you were late in having a chance to double-check this list so you never know of my failure.

Except I just said it.

Uh. Anyway.

In general I enjoy fics with happy endings because I am a sap, but I'm also fine with bittersweet endings where a lot of shit might go wrong but there's an overarching success and goodness in the universe none the less.

My squicks are... embarrassment. Uh, no, really, that's pretty much my only one. I get very bad second hand embarrassment - my roommate screens episodes of The Office and Parks and Recreation for me before I watch them to make sure they don't have me literally getting up and leaving the room because oh my god I just can't watch this.

Other than that, I love humor, I love horror, I love everything from G to E for ratings, I'll throw out a couple things I was thinking when I requested the prompts but overall what I really want to read it something you enjoyed writing!

Genshiken -- Madarame/Sue
I'd be down with both friendship fic or relationship fic! Running around Akihabara or Ikebukuro looking for some rare treasures, hanging out in the club room, going to Comiket and having to wander around together - not that she minds, but I imagine he'd probably be pretty embarrassed by the loud American. What I really like about these two is one of my pet peeves with a lot of shows/games/movies/books is when they don't just do the 'spare parts' pair up, but they'll create a brand new character for the leftover guy who is the Perfect Girl For Him, like she was made just for him, and she was, so all of his previous relationships are suddenly meaningless or something. I like that even though Sue could technically be considered that, she was introduced far earlier, and in-series she isn't treated that way. Madarame hasn't really looked twice at her so far despite the fact that she'd be a perfect fit for his professed 'type', and only just recently have we gotten confirmation that actually she might like him.

(I also really love unrequited love and Madarame/Sakaki as the Good Ship That Never Was.)

Persona 3 -- Minako/Shinjiro/Akihiko
Shinjiro was my favorite character in Persona 3, so I was thrilled as hell when with Persona 3 Portable gave him a sudden boost in popularity (since before that he was generally forgotten about. /SOB!). Anyway, I've always loved the interaction between him and Akihiko, and with the introduction of Minako I came to love her interactions with the both of them as well - so I shamelessly OT3 it (but I'm fine with it just being one pair from those three too!). On a side-note, I also love Junpei and Minako's bromance and him desperate to be her wingman.

There was only a short time when the three of them could be in the same party at the same time, so if you'd rather just write two of them - Akihiko and Shinjiro before Minako even shows up, parts of their troubled past or Akihiko attempting to get Shinjiro to re-join SEES, Minako and Akihiko either before or after Shinjiro got shot, getting to know each other or both spending a long time in the hospital hoping he wakes up (because you can save him!!!!! ... except since the game was written with him gone, he's just in a coma for the rest of the game. DOESN'T MATTER, SAVED HIM!), Shinjiro and Minako taking the dog for walkies, Akihiko having to break the news to Shinjiro about Minako when he finally DOES wake up...

Swordspoint Series -- Alec/Richard
So Swordspoint is, more or less, uh my favorite book in the history of ever. I just recently reread it and the other two in the series, as well as got the anthology that Ellen Kushner wrote for so I could get the short Riverside story (TOTALLY WORTH IT IF YOU HAVEN'T YET, AUTHOR!ANON. Especially if you have an ereader. If only for the comment that all of the Riversiders wondered if Alec and Richard were sleeping together, but they were all far too classy to actually ask or bet on that). I'd like something that covers a part of their life that we haven't seen yet - maybe when they first moved in to Tremontaine house, or when Richard first began to notice that he was loosing his eyesight. Just day to day shenanigans would be fine, too.

Terminator Salvation (2009) -- Kyle Reece/Marcus Flint
Thiiis was an action movie so I don't have a lot of tl;dr on their relationship, but Marcus's whole 'drop everything and save Kyle Reece' thing made my little shipper heart sing with joy and work doubletime. I'm also not all that familiar with the Terminator universe in general so if you want to fudge things I guarantee I will not only not mind but there's a good chance I probably won't even notice. I also heard that in the novelization it's implied that Marcus doesn't die in the end, that he can survive without it or something so he just goes on less strong. Which I am entirely willing to believe and take for as gospel canon if you are to give them more time.

That's pretty much it. Again, feel free to entirely disregard any of these prompts and come up with your own as well. I've been doing Yuletide for years now and I have always loved the fics I've gotten.

I mostly babble and shit on my tumblr, vaultedthewall.tumblr.com if for some god knows why reason you want to look into that too.

Yes the URL is a Swordspoint reference.
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Luxord as the Gadabout Fleecer, Dilan as the (something) of Breath )

> Gadabout Fleecer DOUBLE PSYCHEOUT.

Years in the future (but not many) the Gadabout Fleecer is also looking for something he has lost...

Oh hey, a meteor. Maybe if you wish on it it’ll hit that lazy dickbag you used to work with. You are pretty lucky.

> DILAN: If someone asks you to do the windy thing one more fucking time you are going to stab a bitch.


Jan. 8th, 2012 02:42 am
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I wasn't able to animate the bubbles as bobbing up and down or anything for this one, but I'm actually otherwise most proud of this one. Need to give him a title and shit but that can come later - gotta do Dilan next (unless I psyche out and do Exile!Luxord)
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I'd been meaning to use LJ more, so I may as well start using Dreamwidth.

Though I've mostly fallen back on Plurk and Tumblr at this point. In any case, tl;dr ramblyyyy

I always start art so late at night. I think Pisces people are more active at night or something, so. There you go. Astrological bullshit to justify it. I want to finish this though, because I am falling so deeply in love with this pairing though and I fear there is no escape from it.
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Title: Down With The Ship
Series: Kingdom Hearts
Spoilers? Birth By Sleep
Rating: Does not contain porn or graphic violence
Word Count: What am I, a wizard?
Summary: There was an awful huge difference between Saix and Isa. How come we're so certain that Saix is really, truly, 100% Isa?

whatever happens... )
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If you're here from IN_a_nutshell, a little info about characters:

Madison is a Malakite of the Sword. He's a little on the short/athletically thin side, generally dressed in catholic schoolboy attire and looking about that age. His sword is a zweihander of full 130cm. Oh he has a maxed strength, FYI. When celestial he always ALWAYS ALWAYS wears the military uniform of The Sword.

Grace is a Habbalite (or close enough to one) of Hardcore. Grace actually has no gender or sex, but accepts being called either one as pronouns can be difficult without assigning them. S/he'll point out that neither are correct, though. Grace appears in both forms as an androgynous punk, with burn marks scarring one cheek and gold star stickers on the other. As far as Horrors go she's actually relatively unmarked and looked way too much like an Elohim before her hair grew out. She has some strange ideas about religion. ... It'd be better to not resonate her if you're a Malakite. Um, FYI. The last one kind of had a conniption fit. Her singing skill is maxed out. (icon image is of Miyavi from the Jibun Kakumei video.)


Baki is a Malakite of Destiny with issues. He's always felt he should be a Bright Lilim at heart, even before fledging. The downside? He's kind of heavenborn. Yeah. Originally from War back when he was a wee little Reliever, he was a bit of a bully. Ended up joining Destiny's service instead after making a deal with Yves - fledge something else, and spend ten years trying to accept himself as that choir. If he still felt unhappy and like it was just not right, then, well... he'd see what he could do. Baki fledged Malakite, despite his professed distaste for the choir. He's still unhappy, and it manifests in his oath chains appearing to be made of heavy cast iron, weighing down his wings and keeping him from the easy flight others manage, as well as circling his neck like a collar threatening to choke him. How in the way they are is a reflection of his own self-esteem at the time. Despite all this... he's actually quite good at being a Malakite, when it comes to dealing with the dishonorable. On average he's mouthy, smarmy, and acts like he's three times the size he actually is.

Jetreth is a Mercurian of Fire - yes, really, fire. And yes, his vessel is male. Both of these things are a little hard to believe, apparently. At a glance he acts more like a heavenborn Flower-child, but in actuality he is a very recent redemption from Lust, currently serving Gabriel. He deals with his trauma by simply pretending it doesn't exist (that's what happens when you ignore your problems - they go away, right?), which works most of the time. When it doesn't, things tend to fall apart. He's still very determined to do a good job and be a good person. Jetreth is from D.G.C.! (2 & 3)


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